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 Frigopenta Frigiline

Since 1978, Vitrifrigo, an Italian company, has been one of the leading manufacturers of refrigeration products for mobile transportation industries, supplying refrigerators, freezers and ice makers to marine, recreational vehicle, truck and emergency vehicle markets worldwide. In 1988, they began production of absorption units for the hotel industry.

Vitrifrigo has provided product since the year 2000, in North America, through a branding agreement with another leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment. In 2005, Vitrifrigo opened its own distribution facility in the United States under the name Vitrifrigo America LLC. A complete range of products is available, including 12/24vdc refrigerators and freezers, AC/DC options, stainless steel models, icemakers and component systems for installation into existing boxes. Vitrfrigo America LLC, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a fully stocked and staffed distribution facility which provides services to it’s customers throughout the U.S., Canada, the Carribean and Central and South America.